Dan is the father of twin sixth-graders in the district. The Olsons moved to Minnetonka in 2016 for proximity to work, grandparents, and the schools.

Raised in Hastings, Dan snagged his undergraduate degree in Economics from Hamline University before moving to California to pursue an MFA in Film & Television from Chapman University. 

All in all, Dan spent a decade out of state working in scripted, unscripted, and live event programming in both Los Angeles and New York. From MTV to Major League Baseball, he's worked with some of the country's largest networks and brands to bring their vision to life on screen. Since returning to Minnesota, Dan has worked for Intuitive Content producing shoots around the world and, occasionally, winning cool awards.

A candidate for School Board in 2021, Dan has continued to stay involved in local and district politics. In addition to work and running for office, Dan is working on his JD at Mitchell Hamline School of Law.